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Welcome to Natural Kitchen Medaka

As a store that is kind to both the body and the heart, Medaka offers meals and space, surrounded by a hearty and relaxing atmosphere.

The natural kitchen medaka’s policy is the health of our bodces and to help the natural healing power, which is the original quality of human beings.

Recovering a healthy body and a healthy spirit by incorporating things that help nature as much as possible.

And we convey through food the recognition that “cherishing nature is actually the most important thing to treasure yourself”.



Medaka uses carefully selected ingredients such as seasonings, water, etc., taking advantage of the deliciousness of the ingredients themselves.
Taking into consideration that various ingredients can be incorporated in a balanced manner, we eat daily and improve our health …. We make delicious and gentle rice.


brown rice

It contains about 6 times the dietary fiber of white rice and works to disentangle the toxins in the body. Each grain is carefully examined and cooked from the core in a special pressure cooker.



Carefully selected safe domestic vegetables grown with love. We are trying to make a cooking method that brings out the original sweetness of vegetables.


Crude sugar

This sugar has a freshly squeezed sugarcane flavor and is condensed with minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron.


Enzyme salt

A high-grade salt made from sea salt that has been dried by natural wind and solar heat. It enhances the taste of the ingredients.


Rice oil

The oil extracted from rice bran when milling brown rice has plenty of brown rice power such as vitamins and minerals. It helps lower cholesterol levels.



We use miso purchased from a long-established miso shop called Daigen miso. Delicious miso enhances the taste of rice and vegetables



Of course, 99.9% purified water is used for polishing rice. Increases the natural healing power of the body and creates a rust-free body.

ーHealing spaceー

Medaka is a shop that focuses on healing from ingredients, background musics and videos, that are aired in the store (negative ions).
We have carefully selected only those that are related to the healing of the heart, including the ones that are placed on the
decorated postcards.


ーFrom staffー


We are working to create space and meals to support the healing and health of your heart and body.
The Medaka No. 2 store has a table seat for guests, big tables for groups, and a counter seat, so even one person can feel free to eat.
If you come to Umeda, please go to the second store in Medaka.